Power of WE: Adventures in Starting A Local Blogging Circle

OK, before I start this blog post, I need to make a BIG confession…  (actually if you follow this blog at all it is NOT a confession.. because it is plain to see…)  I am not the most consistent blogger.  I know that I should be blogging regularly.  I also know that the SEO spirits reward those who write on a consistent basis.   I also blog consistently for some of my clients… the tactics I use for my clients don’t seem to work for my own blog.  I think I have a confidence issue.

Two things I did to start blogging more regularly.

I committed to two things to start blogging more regularly.  The first is I signed up for Chris Brogan’s excellent Blog Topics Master class.  BMTC is a 16 week e-mail course with individual attention from Chris.  The class has done amazing things to boost my confidence as a writer.

The second thing — and the actual subject of this blog post – is that I started a local blogging circle.  I belong to a wonderful coworking space in Albuquerque.  Each month we have a variety of events to help people work together better.  I decided that I didn’t like working alone and would get more done if I had company.  So, I started the Albuquerque Blogging Circle.

The purpose of the group is to provide the time and the space for regular blogging.  The group also encourages collaboration and possible guest blogging exchanges.

Our first meeting was today.  In honor of Blog Action Day, we are writing on the Power of WE.  We had a small but committed group show up to the event, had some great conversation and contributed 5 posts Blog Action Day.

Three lessons I learned setting up the blogging circle.

1. You can never have too much publicity.  I sent out press releases, put the event on the alibi event calendar, posted on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter and had a handful of participants come.

2. Starting small is OK.  Although I held out great hope for a big turnout – our small numbers were really a blessing because we had time to concentrate on everyone’s individual  blogs and issues.  I think as a group we really helped people

3. Blogging is really more fun in a group.  I enjoyed meeting with people and the energy in the room and the clicking of other people’s keyboards made me want to write more.

So, have you tried to start a local blogging community?  How did it go?  Do you live in ABQ?  I would love for you to be part of my community.  Click here for information.


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