Does “Two Heads are Better Than One” Apply to Better Health?

by Leslie Martin – Leslie Martin Health

Have you ever made the decision to try something new or implement a new practice to improve your health and then it falls through before it really got off the ground? One way to ensure that you stick to your plan is to find a partner OR partners.

When you are trying to bring new and healthier food items into the home, but the rest of the family, especially your spouse, is not on board, it could lead to too much work AND too much cost. Explaining to them why this is beneficial for everyone and asking them for support could make a big difference. Also, starting with just a few items to begin with will allow them to get used to the idea and to discover that these new additions to the kitchen are quite tasty! As you add in better foods, discard less healthy ones. Starting small makes for long-term, sustainable change!

This method also works with physical activity. I have had a workout partner for the past two years and it has made a significant difference. I now workout 5 -6 times a week versus my 2 – 3 times when I was flying solo. Having a workout buddy provides motivation and encouragement. And, in my case, it has also saved on costs. We car pool together, so we alternate driving days. I highly recommend this!

A few weekends ago, I went with a group of people on an annual memorial hike. This year was our largest group ever –29 people! Together we got through the treacherous terrain and made it to the top!! It was a beautiful day!

Another great way to get help on your journey to better health is a health coach. Health coaches determine your goals and guide you towards the most effective actions for YOU. They provide you with information, accountability, and encouragement. If you would like to learn more, contact me at

There are endless possibilities when we are WE instead of just ME!

What best “WE” stories do you have?


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